Monday, June 4, 2007

religions we don't see mentioned much in the media

In the last couple of months, the New York Times has had a couple of intriguing stories about religious groups we don't see much mention of. One was about young Sikh men and their decision to cut their hair despite parental objections. The Times also had a shorter piece about what law enforcement is calling a hate crime in which one boy cut the hair of a Sikh boy and threw the hair in the toilet at their school.

Here is the first story, although you will need Times Select to access it (or get it through Lexis Nexis):

Another story had to do with Wiccans and how they often keep their faith to themselves, even guarding it from their closest family and friends, for fear of their reaction. I think the reporter met several Wiccans in reporting about the triumph they've won to let soldiers who are Wiccans get a pentagram on their headstones.

The same goes for accessing the story about Wiccans:

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Anonymous said...

As hard as some reporters have it reporting on faiths that are familiar to them, I wonder how they manage with other, less well-known faiths. This could be an interesting research topic...