Sunday, June 3, 2007

Faith more than a personal matter

"Lately it seems all the leading presidential candidates are discussing their religious and moral beliefs -- even when they'd rather not," according to a new story from the AP. Democrats are focusing on moderate Catholics and mainline Protestants, according to the article, which also notes that according to exit polling, 78 percent of white evangelicals who voted chose George W. Bush in the last election.

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Paola said...

It's not a personal matter because voters and the media ask questions about a candidate's values. How a candidate will implement policy is now secondary to how he or she feels about an issue. Letter responses to the Time story about Mitt Romney's Mormon faith go right to the point, with one letter writer saying that she'll vote for the candidate who shares her views. Implicit in that comment is that she is not as interested in hearning about what Mitt Romney will do about issues confronting us today, such as the war in Iraq and global warming.