Sunday, August 24, 2008

Teaching of evolution highlighted in story

The New York Times has a major article this weekend on the teaching of evolution in Florida school. The article is the account of Florida biology teacher David Campbell's actions and the students' reactions to a now state-mandated unit on evolution.

The article has a nice level of detail and seems almost like a novel in its use of first-person dialogue, highlighting Campbell's actions getting Florida laws changed to expressly include evolution and how he struggles to implement the laws in his classroom.

However, although the article traces some of the history of the recent controversies over how to teach the origins of life in public schools, Campbell's authority is put up against the authority of his students. The article cites organizations like Answers in Genesis, but doesn't use direct information from them, which leaves a feeling of editorializing.

On the other hand, the article is complete, and I'm not sure other points of view could have been elegantly incorporated.

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