Thursday, March 13, 2008

South Park episodes on cartoons, Mormons re-running this week

As the Danish cartoons are controversial again, Comedy Central's irreverent South Park is rerunning the episodes Cartoon Wars 1 and 2 this week and next. In the episode, Americans fear Muslim reprisal for an episode of Family Guy in which there is a brief image of Muhammed. The boys try to stop Fox from airing the second part, but for personal reasons, not for concern for offending Muslims. The South Park Episode Guide can be found here. Comedy Central did not allow an image of Muhammed to appear in the episode, but there is one in the opening of each show.

Also re-airing this week is the "All About Mormons?" episode which has stereotypes of the church and an irrevent look at beliefs.

For discussion:

What can you say in a cartoon that you wouldn't in live action?

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