Saturday, February 27, 2010

Article looks at history of inter-Islamic conflict

An Op-Ed piece in the The New York Times follows on the Olympics with the story of the dissolution of the Islamic Solidarity Games this year because host country Iran wrote the words "Persian Gulf" on the flag for the event.

A quote from the story: "In this history of a single body of water, one sees a perfect example of the so-called Islamic Paradox that dates from the seventh century. For although the Prophet Muhammad took great pains to underscore the equality of all believers regardless of ethnicity, categorically forbidding any fighting among the believers, his precepts have been constantly and blatantly violated.

It took a mere 24 years after the Prophet’s death for the head of the universal Islamic community, the caliph Uthman, to be murdered by political rivals. This opened the floodgates to incessant infighting within the House of Islam, which has never ceased. "

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