Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kids' album on science subtly addresses religion

Alternative rockers They Might Be Giants released a new children's album this fall called Here Comes Science, which features songs about the planets, the sun, electric cars, the periodic table and more. The first track, Science is Real, contains the lyrics I like the stories about angels, unicorns and elves. Now I like those stories as much as anybody else. But when I'm seeking knowledge, either simple or abstract, the facts are with science.

The band's John Flansburgh, in an interview with Wired said Although it wasn’t designed to create controversy, it’s still a big relief to me that the opening track, “Science is Real,” didn’t raise any red flags with the label. The song freely acknowledges the Big Bang and evolution, and casually conflates angels with unicorns and elves–all of which might bug some anti-science, pro-angel folk.

It has generated some notice, for example on the science blog Pharyngula and in the comments section on the Amazon listing for the album, where a few commenters mention that the album is likely to offend creationists.

Food for thought - does pro-angel necessarily mean anti-science? How about the reverse?

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