Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm gonna need to ask you to uncover that, Ma'am

This article from the LA Times about a woman's eviction from a public pool for wearing a full-body swimsuit as a Muslim woman is interesting because of the quotations used.

French authorities are quoted as saying:

"Islamic bathing suits don't exist in the Koran"
"In our country we cannot accept women prisoners behind a wire fence, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity."
"This is the tip of the fundamentalist iceberg."

While Islamic sources, including the woman who was evicted are quoted:

"When Sarkozy says the burka is a problem for the 'dignity of women,' it means he's already finished his investigation."
Her only battle is "simply to be able to swim with my children in a pool."

What seemed to be missing from both sides was an idea that a woman might actually want to wear such a suit, on her own, without coercion from religious authorities.

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