Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pope's visit includes reaffirmation of condom ban

When Pope Benedict XVI made his first trip to Africa as pontiff, the lead on the story was his reaffirming that for Catholics, condom use is wrong. IN addition to the story on CNN, the next day brought < A HREF=""> this commentary, criticizing the Pope's approach.

It was interesting to see the division across nations in the opinion on the Pope's words, with England, Australia and the U.S. media criticizing the Pope's call for abstinence as unrealistic in the face of the AIDS crisis in African countries.

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Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder how can this very small and insignificant pope be so crass on human life. But then again you are looking at the man who headed the catholic group that was responsible for the inquisition. He was also a member of Hitler's youth movement. You can see the lust for power in his dark eyes. The man is the antithesis of John Paul II. People need to just ignore him and the catholic church. They have clearly turned down a dark path with this man.