Friday, February 6, 2009

Prayer Breakfast remarks in news and opinion

President Barack Obama announced his plans for a faith-based initiatives office while attending the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

The move garned stories and commentary in a variety of media. The Washington Post focused more on Obama's incorporation of policy issues into the initiative.

USA Today live-blogged it on the newspaper's web site and ran a story.

The LA Times Fashion Blog reviewed Mrs. Obama's dress and linked to the AP story for news.

The story was the lead on Thursday's Catholic News Service home page.

Obama's plan stresses inclusiveness of a variety of faith traditions. The Muslim Link, which covers news of interest to Muslims in the U.S. Capitol area didn't have a story.

New York's Jewish Daily Forward did a brief advance. The Daily Forward actually publishes in print weekly, and it's unclear if they update their web site more regularly, however.

You can see the official White House coverage here.

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