Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jeremiah Wright is on stage, in the news

Speeches at the NAACP and National Press Club have vaulted Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the forefront of national attention once again. Today, stories have switched to Barack Obama's reactions to his former pastor's comments, but yesterday, two things caught my ears.

First is this story on National Public Radio which complains about newsmakers spreading out-of-context soundbites that changed the focus of Wright's message (by using soundbites, incidentally). Host Melissa Block interviews two sitting congressmen.

Second is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which, last night, featured a "Charismatic Black Preacher Round Up" that in some ways put the Rev. Wright issue into context as a part of a black preaching style.

Obama said he was "outraged" in multiple stories that you can see here.

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