Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trinity Foundation aids attacks on televangelists

It is by now well-known that six televangelists are being questioned in a congressional investigation about their spending and general accountability with donated money.

What has not been as widely reported is the role that the Trinity Foundation has played in the investigations. The foundation has been working with major investigative media outlets to investigate instances of fraud and lavish spending by televangelists. These investigative "Detectives for Christ" have spent 25 years collecting personal stories about, getting jobs with, and, in some cases, going through the trash of such noted televangelists as Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton and Kenneth Copeland. They have shared their information with the likes of CNN, US News and the Daily Show.

The Foundation's head, Ole Anderson, told The CBS Evening News that they have been working with Grassley's office for two years, providing "enough information to fill a small Volkswagen."

The Foundation also published The Wittenburg Door a religion satire magazine edited by my colleage, Robert Darden. I talked with Bob about the Senate interest, and he said "Despite widespread coverage of the unimaginable abuses of the most flagrant offenders in some of the best-known newspapers and magazines in the country, and numerous exposes on national television, we've had a hard time getting law-makers interested." Other countries don't allow this, he said, but added that "It is gratifying that the Senate has finally gotten involved. I just wish we could have made them realize how serious this is 25 years ago."

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