Monday, November 19, 2007

Call for papers

Religion and Media
Interest Group
The Religion and Media Interest Group invites submission of research on any topic related to religion and media. RMIG is interested in papers using any recognized research method and any recognized citation style. Please note that RMIG is interested in research presentations, rather than essays, commentary, or simple literature reviews. Possible areas of focus for the research include but are not limited to studies of religious group members and uses of secular media, exploration of media coverage of religious issues and groups, studies of the audiences for religious news, media strategies of religious organizations, religious advertising, religious and spiritual content in popular culture, and so on. The competition is open to both faculty and students. For more about RMIG and its mission, see
Papers will be considered for presentation in traditional or high density research panels or research poster sessions. Please note the maximum length of 25 pages, excluding endnotes and tables. Presentation: The best papers will be presented at the AEJMC 2008 convention, August 6-9 in Chicago, Ill. At least one author of a selected paper must register and attend. The Religion and Media Interest Group sponsors a Top Paper competition for student papers. The top graduate student paper will be selected from among the refereed papers submitted to the RMIG competition, and the student paper winner will receive $100 and a certificate. In the case of multi-authored papers, all authors must be students to qualify for the Top Student Paper award. The top student paper award will not be given if the selected paper is not presented at the convention. In order to be considered for the Top Paper award, the cover page of the paper must indicate that it is a student submission. RMIG will consider graduate student papers equally with faculty papers in terms of consideration for acceptance; the only difference is the top paper award. Papers submitted not adhering to the Uniform Call will be removed from consideration.
For questions, contact the RMIG Paper Chair: Paola Banchero, at 907-223-5102 or Type “RMIG Research Paper” in the subject line if communicating via e-mail.

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